Black Jack rules and game tips

Blackjack rules and game tips:

The rules of Blackjack is simple. The face cards are worth ten and the Ace is worth one or eleven. All other cards have their normal value. The dealer distributes two cards for you and one for himself and then you decide if you want more cards or stay. It is all about getting as close to the value to 21 as possible without going over it. If you get 22 you get "bust" and have lost your bet regardless of what the dealer gets.

Blackjack - Game Strategies and beginner tips.

Many players go for the feeling when you play Blackjack on the Web, but statistically, it is completely wrong. By using computer calculations it has been figured out when to take cards and when to stay in each unique Blackjack combination. So by playing Online Blackjack after a given table you reduce the Casino advantage to less than 1% and then Blackjack is one of the best Casino games can be found online!. An advantage to play Blackjack on the Internet is that you do not need to learn the tables but you can to have this page up at the same time.

Black Jack tables

Blackjack table below is simple to follow. To the left are your two cards and the top row is what dealarn has. If you have the cards 5 and 7 as your starting cards and the dealer get a six you can look at the table of the sum 12 (5 +7) and looked in column 6 and then you'll see an S, which means Stand - No more cards. Some special it is when you get a couple of aces or 3,3 or 5,5 etc. when you look further down the Black Jack table to see how you should do.
BlackJack strategy table